Adapted Bathrooms

We believe that just because life is getting slower, you shouldn't be. Here at David Muers and Son, we believe that everyone should be as independent as they want to be, no matter what their situation. Which is why we provide the necessary steps to ensure you can be at peace of mind knowing you have, safety, comfort and dignity. Below are just some of the products we have supplied to our past customers to help them day-to-day.

David Muers and Son Grab Rail

Grab Rails

Although primarily used in the bathroom and toilet, grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support.

Conveniently installed rails will provide help in big ways; to push or pull against when standing up, to provide a steadying support while sitting down, to provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another, for balance when standing.
Most are attached to the wall, although floor to ceiling rails are available. The type required will depend upon the situation and the hand or arm strength of the person. A combination of vertical and horizontal rails is often helpful.

Shower Seats

Just as the name would suggest, shower seats give you a spot to sit down during your shower, which is useful if you struggle to stand for long periods. Shower seats can also elevate your shower experience, allowing you to feel as though every shower is just like spending it at a spa. They can be freestanding or fixed to the wall. Some can fold out of the way for other users, especially handy if you have regular guests, or if your partner does not need to use it. Whether or not this equipment is suitable will depend on the space available within the shower cubicle - not only for the seat itself, but also for your knees and feet when you are sitting on it. We can always work with you to get this just right.

David Muers and Son Shower Seat

David Muers and Son Low Profile Shower Tray

Non- SLip Wet Room Floors and Low-Profile Trays

One of the biggest troubles for our customers are baths. Some of you may find it difficult to step over the high walls of a bath and we're here to solve that. We can install a tray for you with as little as 3cm height. This means you'd barely even notice the step, as if it weren't even there!

If you may wish to go towards a more bespoke finish, we can design a wet room to suit any need. Shower panels can also be fitted to most shower areas for an easy-to-clean maintenance solution.